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Hi everyone and thank you Robert!

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  • Hi everyone and thank you Robert!

    Just a quick hello to introduce myself and express a word of gratitude for this Forum and this Website as a whole. I purchased the Fasting Master Class and the Loose 40 pounds in 40 days book and I love them both.

    I have been a faster for many years, but never completely understood the depth of the process from a Physiological, Spiritual and Mental/Emotional connection until now. I am on day 6 of my first Water Fast for 2016. In January I made the switch from Vegan to 80% Raw/100% Vegan. I will continue eating that way once I have completed my fast, but I am also considering incorporating the SOS (No Salt, No Oil, No Sugar) plan from Dr. Alan Goldhamerl. We'll see.

    Well, guess that's it for now.

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    It takes a great deal of courage to do what you are doing; so congratulations on your six days! Believe it or not, fasting does get easier with time, especially when you become aware of the mental and spiritual aspect of the discipline. It gets easier because we slowly develop a mental and spiritual muscle that gives us the ability to say NO with greater ease when temptation arises. This mental and spiritual muscle, when adopted and used as a lifestyle, allows one to face the challenges of life with greater calm, faith and positivism. WHY? Because when fasting you come face to face with the strongest and most powerful instinct within us - the instinct to eat. And while this instinct is good and is there for our survival, it often morphs into a food monster that takes control of our lives and leads us to make unhealthy choices which, eventually, can lead to chronic illness.