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    Hello everyone,
    i am new here and 20May 2016 I am starting water cum liquid fast and gonna do it as long as possible.. This is to lose my extras 40lbs and get control of my binging and purging life...
    all this has caused enough damage and affected my life studies(I am just 19yrs gal)..
    with this I will be walking and do some yoga, meditation.. Will share my journey with you guys. Please hoping for all your help and support, advice..
    at present having my finals will do how much possible cause first I need my life back.. so update on 31may or soon.

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    Good luck to you!!!!!! We seem to all be in the same boat? Never ever had any idea how so many people are struggling, I thought I was the only one lol, boy was I wrong


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      long time no see.. I was really stuck in lot of things.. still have my brother, s wedding in May.. so busy..
      but seriously I have tried several times fasting and I was unable. my maximum days of water fasting was 5 days later I'll feel weak and I just break it through, not only do I break I also binge again but the use of laxative has somehow decreased but still should completely stop it...
      hopefully this time I will be able to fast till my goal of optimal health.