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General Discussions on fasting for weight loss and detoxification. Welcome to the Fitness Through forum! We are glad you are here! The forum is currently divided into different discussions for easy access to topics of interest. However, I do need your help. If there is a discussion category that you are interested in and it is not listed here, by all means drop me a line and I will gladly create it! Welcome and God Bless!!!
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Water Fasting Discussion. Water fasting is the road-less-traveled in weight loss. It is very challenging because it places us face-to-face with our human weaknesses. Just a 24-hour water fast can bring up all type of emotions from the soul, not to mention sharp hunger pains incited by the process of detoxification. This forum is dedicated to all the fasting warriors who are taking the battle to the line and have or will be entering these uncharted fasting waters in their minds and bodies. May together we accomplish all of our goals, and may freedom rule in every aspect of our lives!! Welcome and God Bless!
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30 Day Water Fast
Conversations related to dry fasting, the ultimate frontier in fasting.
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Intermittent fasting is very popular because it allows a person to practice fasting in alternating days and times, regardless of their schedule and/or lifestyle. We can focus those conversations in this forum. :-)
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Juice Fasting Discussion. Share your experiences with juice fasting. Post questions, provide answers. Discuss fasting juice recipes. Everything related to juice fasting and detoxification! Juice fasting is a vast topic because there are virtually limitless combinations of fruits and vegetables that can be used. Juice fasting gives the human body access to the amazing healing power of live nutrients. We salute all who are here, and may this forum bring you all of the answers and miracles you seek.
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Day 5 of My Juice Fast
Discussion on Fasting for Spiritual Growth. Fasting has been around for thousands of years. Practiced as a lifestyle, it is the doorway not only to weight loss and detoxification, but for a better understanding of unseen Spiritual realities that can transform your life. Regardless of what your religion may be, you are welcome to join the discussion. Let us treat each other with respect and support. This forum is designed as a tool for idea xchange, support and motivation - NOT personal attacks or division. Welcome! We are glad you are here!
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Gina Kjar
This topic is one very close to my heart because I suffered from binging for years and know how heartbreaking it can be. But there is a way out, and fasting is one of the most powerful ones that I found. So let us build this topic up with plenty of support, encouragement and motivation. Together we can make a huge difference in each other's lives!!!!
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by asher19
This forum is for those interested in keeping and sharing a fasting journal. As we have talked about in the website, keeping a fasting journal is one of the most powerful ways to stay the course and successfully navigate through the hunger pains and detoxification symptoms. So if you are either juicing or water fasting, this forum gives you the opportunity to write daily about what you are thinking and feeling.
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Laceshawl's new start with IF
If you are looking for a fasting buddy, post your message here and here ONLY! Fasting buddy requests made elsewhere will be deleted.
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by asher19
This forum is for discussions related to the important topic of cleansing & detoxification, including colonics, liver flush, kidney detox and parasite elimination. Body Cleansing & Detoxification is extremely powerful and has been known to have a rejuvenating effect, improving skin quality as well as mental clarity and vitality. In some cases, body cleansing and detoxification has even cured chronic illnesses. There is a lot to gain from these practices, and here you can ask and answer questions for everyone's benefit.
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Parasites (2/7)
This forum is for discussions about food, eating, diets and the importance of nutrition in our ongoing quest for health and well being. Whatever you have in mind related to dieting and food ... here's the place to get it going. We can't fast forever, so learning to eat properly and relate to food in a healthy way is the most important part of it all!
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