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Taking Vitamins & Supplements While Fasting

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  • Taking Vitamins & Supplements While Fasting

    So far I only fast every other days.
    Do you take any pills ,vitamin & supplement, if you fast for a long time?

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    I take a liquid form of Vitamin D (add .25mL drops to my water) and Complex B12 (hold it under your tongue for 30 sec it goes right into the blood stream). I do also take 1 tbs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 1 tbs of lemon juice in the morning before bed ( I work midnight shift) it cleans out your kidneys and liver, its quite healthy and makes for a smoother washroom visit works quite well with the Herbal Senna Tea....kinda kick starts your body for the day.


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      Hi Trish,

      I have just been taking multi vitamin and senna caps. What are the benefits of the ones you mentioned?

      Also, the tip about seltzer has really helped me - thankyou


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        Hey Gab,

        They say the capsules you still need to digest so even though your digestive system is getting a break it still needs to break down the caps. Liquid form B12 (same vitamins in red meat) Vitamin D (great for skin) seems to enter the blood stream alot quicker and no digestion needed, plus when taking pill or capsule form your actually not going to recieve ALL of it because of the digestion process, so again liquid form enters the blood stream therefore your recieving the entire dose. As for the EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and lemon juice I mix 1/4 cup of the EVOO and 2 TBS of the lemon juice (bottled or fresh, of course fresh always has more benefits) this makes 2 shots, take one in the morning and refridgerate the rest til the following morning this does a liver, kidney detox and well kinda flushes you out the same way salt water would just not so dramatic. It removes all the garbage and waste as well as stones if any are lodged it there and due to the EVOO it softens them so as you pass them you shoulnt feel them. It is also a good fat so it breaks down the bad fats and as you detox they can be released better, the benefits I cant wait to see from it is your skin and hair become shiny and it whitens the eyes you will just look so much healthier almost moisturizin your body from within. The seltzer water is amazing isnt it LOL....


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          The seltzer has been a true saviour for me!! You are so amazing - thankyou!! I've just bought supplies on ebay. Can't get hold of the liquid form of any of those in Town it seems. So hopefully it shouldn't take long to arrive anyway!!

          Thanks again for your help Trish!!

          Good luck with yours too


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            I would suggest that, if you want to take vitamins while water fasting, to find the liquid type so that the body does not have to deal with any solid pills or tablets. I recall taking a multivitamin once while water fasting (a tablet) and it made me sick as a dog. So steer clear of anything solid while water fasting... anything you ingest, make sure that it is liquid is my experience.


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              A fasting dip occasionally happens during fasting as toxins are loosened and cleansed from the body, cell by cell, even within deep tissue. At certain times of your fast you may experience feelings of weakness, discouragement, negativity and an overpowering urge to just want to quit (We sure did!) Little things may seem like big things and emotions, memories and hurts you have harbored from the past are trying to come out. During these times, breathe, meditate, talk to someone who has experienced fasting, pray and do an enema. Tomorrow things will look different. You will have regrouped and can continue the process until your goal is complete.


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                I take Flinstone chewable children's vitamin's while fasting. No problems at all. Plus it seems to help me with that bad taste in my mouth. Of course, if you take it too close to the time you brush your teeth it can be a little unpleasant. lol


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                  Originally posted by Lissa2442 View Post
                  I take Flinstone chewable children's vitamin's while fasting. No problems at all. Plus it seems to help me with that bad taste in my mouth. Of course, if you take it too close to the time you brush your teeth it can be a little unpleasant. lol
                  Ah, that's one I had not heard of! lol Flintstone vitamins, huh?


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                    In my opinion,fruits are best diet food and have lot of vitamins and minerals so you should eat fruits during your water diet.This will good for you and you can easily do diet in a healthy way.You should also try to follow a diet supplement.


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                      I have been fasting on water for 4 days and I had some vitamin water in the afternoon to help with the shaking/ weak legs (it worked)...will that negatively impact my water fast (detox) or my weight loss during the fast?

                      I'm fasting for 10 days...


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                        Thanks dear for posting this information about the vitamins and supplements while fasting.
                        I hope these kind of the information is very useful for those who are regular in fasting.
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                          Your body will do just fine for a couple months without vitamins or supplements. I used to take vitamins during fasts but I found they gave me diarrhea and an upset stomach.

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