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10 Day Water Fast (with pictures)

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  • 10 Day Water Fast (with pictures)


    I started day 1 yesterday and I want to go for 10 days I've done many 3 day fasts in the past.

    I was good yesterday and woke up feeling really refreshed and today on day 2 I am still feeling pretty good although had a small headache which went away after a few hours.

    I am around 200 lbs (no scale) and 5 foot 3 inches. I just recently became a size 18 from a size 16 :(

    I want to get down to at least a size 15 with this water fast and I really want to detox my body as well. I'm wearing one of my old size 16s in one of the pictures.

    Yesterday I did 100 crunches and push-ups and some dancing to help with the weight loss. I'm drinking lots of water

    I've attached some pictures and every 3 days I re-post new ones....

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    Good luck 10. Way to go. I don't know how to put links in here, but click on my name and other posts to get my 10 day fast. After day 3 it gets easier.


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      thanks - so far so good :D


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        Day 3 is going really good - the best out of all my fasts. I am still doing the crunches and sit ups and think that it might be helping.

        No headache or anything like that - I've been drinking a lot of water and resting when I need to. I feel great though!

        Bring on Day 4 tomorrow :D

        Pictures will be taken tomorrow morning


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          i will join you, i am starting my water fast today


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            Originally posted by blondegirl View Post
            i will join you, i am starting my water fast today
            ok cool how long you going for?


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              Well it's the morning of day 4 and i have a slight headache and my tongue is white. Other then that I feel pretty good. I have been sleeping pretty good

              here are the picture updates and I'm happy to say that even though it's really tight I can now button up my jeans ( I still won't wear them yet but it's just to show that there has been some small amount of weight loss) whereas in the first picture I posted a picture of my in them I couldn't no matter how hard I tried!

              Here they are:
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                starting to feel nauseous and weak but I'm pulling through


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                  feel really light when walking (my legs feel very light).


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                    Hey fasting10,Im fasting at present too,feeling a bit nauseous myself at the moment.Your tummy reminds me of mine,I would love mine to do a magic trick and disappear for good! I have 40 or so pounds left to lose..wait a minute,better not say lose in case i find it again LOL,lets just say 40 pounds to evict from my body Im going for as long as I can take it,I dream of 40 days but that might just be a dream..well see Best of luck with your fast!You can do it!


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                      aw thanks and best of luck with yours as well!


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                        morning of day 5 is going pretty food I have a slight headache on the left side of my head and my jaw aches but other then that I feel pretty good.

                        Day 4 wen't pretty good - the weakness all but dissapeared around 7pm which I thought was good


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                          another 7 hours to go before ending my 72 hours dry fast - after that I'll continue minimum 30 day water fasting ...


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                            that take quite a bit of will power! Congrats!


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                              having major cravings right now!

                              And the cravings are so unhealthy but sound sooo good - gonna go to bed to stop thinking - Night!