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DODO diet 2 days a week intermittant water fasting

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  • DODO diet 2 days a week intermittant water fasting


    I am new to this site. I have a history of unsupervised fasting.

    I have decided to as of this evening start the following plan below. The reasons I am doing this is as I have had lots of mental health issues for 10+ years and bowel, food intolerances, allergies and incontinence issues which have been exaccerbated of late.

    I am mainly doing this for mental health, as I find I feel mentally ,spiritually/other and physically the best when I do not eat and do not drink. My GP is supervising me for water fasting and my Dietician is involved as well as a psychologist. I was doing a vegan fodmap with the DODO diet intermittent water fasting but found I was still getting so reactive and sick when reintroducing things that I need to give my body etc a well deserved break.

    The plan from (evening of 17th May):
    Wednesday-Sunday water only
    Monday and Tuesday 3 meals of 3/4 a piece of fruit or 1/2 a cup eaten slowly and mindfully

    I plan on doing this till I feel hunger again and then after that return to 5 days of eating 3 meals a day and 2 days of water only

    Mental health illnesses to date: Anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, psychosis (not induced by illegal drugs and alcohol), bulimia/reflux, binge eating, poor memory
    Physical problems: Terrible propensity for heel cracks (that occur when i have been told I have psychosis), white tongue, left facial spasm, clicking hips, thumbs and left shoulder, dry skin all over, propensity for urinary incontinence, diarrhea and bowel problems, growth on left labia, stretch marks (from 20kg weight gain in 3 months due to palliperidone of which I have now lost), yellow teeth stain, grinding jaw, mound skin growth on back, reduced sense of smell (feel like I have a head cold all the time.)

    Weight: 53 kg estimate
    Height: 155.5 com estimate

    I live near the beach and will go there multiple times a day. I also will throw myself into studies (online of physiotherapy assistance), beach walks, bicycle rides, ballet online classes and floore barres and yoga with the occassional swim, jog and gym session. In my spare time I will read lots of books I have accumulated, do mending sing songs to cd's, snuggle the family cat, clean and do meditations, and catch up with friends for only walks and times in nature no food activities.

    I will alternate hot and cold shower days, trying to not use so much water and try to not use toothpaste and shampoo etc on days I am home bound and not at work to let my body have a real break froim absorbing things and having a real break from input.

    I will do weekly:

    Do an excel rating and observations sheet (in my hard copy diary as well) of physical, psychological, spiritual/other numerical ratings of observations ever day

    See my GP again and get tested for mental health and physical health as well as bloods
    See a sports trainer and have a body mass (or something like this) tested

    On days that I am confronted by others, life situations and feeling unempowered I will:

    Go to the beach and go for a walk or sit and watch the waves
    Snuggle the family cat
    Sit in the courtyard and do a meditation
    Do contemporary/dance therapy style dance
    Write in a diary
    Do Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    Do some yoga stretches for anxiety and depression
    Sleep or meditate and ideally out under the verandah in the evenings so I can see the stars.
    Go for walks.
    Get craniosacral therapy
    Do evening gentle bicycle rides.
    Sit in the spa at the gym

    Have a lovely day

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    Wow you seem to have things planned out. That is a great start. I know you are joining rainbow on her fast and I think that is super. Keep in mind and eye out for your health that includes mental, and emotional in your journey in fasting. I wish you the best of luck. Again you seem to have everything figured out just have to get started. Have a great day and remember to relax and rest!


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        Yes I will keep in mind my mental and physical health etc. I am doing so in my hard copy diary at home and in an excel sheet through written observations and numerical ratings of physical, spiritual/other and mental etc which I am sharing with a past psychiatrist, an exercise physiologist, GP and soon a psychologist.

        Thanks for the reminder.

        have a lovely day


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          I have had a few terrible days of awful anxiety and broke the plan and eaten non vegan FODMAP foods and been terribly sick e.g. vomiting, diarrhea etc and had large quantites of food. So I have decided to keep my life simple for a while, I have decided to take time off of work (as well as I need to complete study intensively for the next little while to be able to complete practicals asap.)

          I have updated the plan and decided to tick it off in my diary. I have also decided to measure my blood glucose every day, weight every day and measure who I feel spiritually/other, mentally, physically every day in numerical rating, as well as write other observations. I have decided to do intermittant intensively to get myself to a base line, as I have been doing intermittantly for 2 days a week and this last week 3 days of water only. I realise my food quantity is the issue as I would only have water and then eat large quantities afterwards so the symptoms would just come back. Because I have so many health problems I need to give my body a break I realised. I feel so much better on water only days that I know it helps so much e.g. I feel 8/10 as opposed to 2/10.


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            I don't know how you do it like that. You should try eat stop eat style of fasting. You simply fast for 24 hours twice a week on separate days with at least two days apart between your fasts. You eat normally on non fast days, which is usually around 2000 calories. For example I am fasting now my last meal was at noon and I won't be eating at noon the next day. You should eat normally during non fasting days. Drink mainly water even on your non fasting days. Avoid coffee and tea. Also you should try consume ground flax seed. Do not grind them ahead of time. Grind them just before consuming them. Do not consume too much because it can make you sick. Try consuming 2 teaspoon a day on non fasting days.
            I only use coconut and olive oil. Do not consume foods with vegetable oils or use vegetable oils.

            Do not do any kind of intensive exercise. Mild exercise is ideal. like walking, slow biking, etc. Learn to eat properly. This will help a lot. Do not eat while having music playing or watching tv.

            Eat mindfully and chew slowly. Try to chew at least 20 times before swallowing. This will help with digestive issues. If you use cell phone it is probably a good idea not to use them. I myself don't use them because I'm sensitive. Limit or cut off watching tv. Watch tv is known for bad for your health health.



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              Hi Crazy Canuck

              Great links. I forgot about mindfulness chewing and eating properly. Thank you I really needed that reminder. As I have developed terrible IBS and vomiting. Thank you! Thanks for the tips of minimalistic eating, I don't drink coffee and tea. Unfortunately I am no a fan of flax seed but thanks for the tip.

              Yes, I have been able to do bushwalks, yoga, ballet floore barres and bicycling on non eating days. It helps a lot.

              I have decided to try again (again all under the supervision of my GP and recommendations by my psychologist) so I have updated my plan.

              Take care


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                H everyone, may i join in? Completed firs 24 hr fast yesterday. Will eat today and fast again Thursday and Friday. Does that sound good?