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Day 5 of My Juice Fast

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  • Day 5 of My Juice Fast

    After much trial and error over the last couple of months, I have finally gotten in the space to juice fast. I started on Thursday May 22 at 10pm. My eating habits were getting out of couple and the binging had returned. My motivation of course was to lose weight and transition back into a clean lifestyle I maintained for 3 years.

    I started at 175pd on Friday and so far I'm down to 168.4. My goal is 140 or wherever my body decides to adapt. I've been spending so much time educating myself on nutrition, and just the body in general. I originally set out to do this for 15 days, but now I am deciding to keep going until my body says its time to stop. I figure it gives me sufficient time to figure out the lifestyle I will maintain.

    I am running the Chicago Marathon in October so losing weight is def going to assist me as my mileage. I started out thinking I could just do a water fast for a week and then a juice but the detox symptoms were too much so I needed the start with the juice. Plus it will allow me to run on those days when my energy is super high. I'm feeling like I am coming into the point where my hunger is gone.

    The detox symptoms come and go. I simply just ride it through. I am getting to that place where I know I am going to exceed farther than I planned. I can feel the old "new" me returning. It's been 10 years since I have been at an ideal weight and maintained it. I remember what that felt like I all that I was able to accomplish.

    At almost 41 I am in a difference place in life. A place where I have a new understanding of myself and where I see myself.

    Any encouragement out there I am more than willing to accept. Thanks for listening to me

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    Welcome Michelle! We have another marathon runner who did a 40 day juice fast and continued to run during her fast without any problems, so if you plan to keep training doing the juice fast is a great idea! I find it hard to juice fast because the juice just seems to make me want food

    I'm 47, and decided to start getting myself in shape at 43. It is very worth it. I was bigger than you and was totally sedentary, and I feel like a different person now.

    Good luck with your fast and welcome to our group!


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      Hi Michelle!
      Welcome to the group! There are other juice fasters here, but you will receive encouragement from lots of different people!
      You are already well on your way to a healthier lifestyle!
      Good luck!


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        Thanks for the support!! I am on day 7 and still able to run. I don't have as much energy so I simply run a bit slower on walk when I need to. I am down to 166.8! My heart wants to go for at least 30 days or more. I will simply keep listening to my body and giving it what it needs.

        The hunger has subsided alot and when it does come am figuring out what works.

        Just taking it a day at a time! What a difference a week makes!!


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          YAY! That's awesome!
          So proud for you!


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            Go Michelle!!!


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              Michelle, that is so great! I am attempting to complete my 7 day juice fast but it is proving tough for me (coming off a 7 day water fast). Reading your posts has given me a bit of motivation!! You are doing wonderfully!!


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                It's day 13....still going...last week I was able to get in 26 miles. Monday I had the most energy I've had during a workout and was able to get in 5 miles (ran 4; walked 1).... Down to 165.2....started at 175.

                My heart and body says keep going so I will. 60 days would be mind blowing and life changing! Taking it one day at a time!


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                  Michelle, are you still in it? let us know how you are doing!
                  - Lena


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                    Michelle, that is so great! At the beginning, it was a personal challenge and a spiritual journey. As it went on, I felt so good that I wanted to continue it.