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    I'm struggling with something. As I enter my fasting journey.... I understand that it will require a power greater than I possess. What I don't understand is how to "tap" into that power to ensure my victory.

    I hear the words "Let God do for you what you can't do for yourself"....but, how do I do that? I would appreciate any insight.

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    You can do it if you believe you can do it. If you believe you will fail, you will.


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      God is Speaking, Perhaps Lourder than Ever. Why Can't We Hear Him? ?

      Originally posted by Orchid277 View Post
      I'm struggling with something. As I enter my fasting journey.... I understand that it will require a power greater than I possess. What I don't understand is how to "tap" into that power to ensure my victory.

      I hear the words "Let God do for you what you can't do for yourself"....but, how do I do that? I would appreciate any insight.

      You have asked a very important question. I have spent more and more of my time in search of that 'God' connection. And I believe with all of my heart that I have found it. They key, in my process, has been renewing the mind.

      I had to learn to identify every negative thought that I was embracing in my daily living. Instead of accepting it as a fact, I have learned to isolate it, reject it and 'toss it back to hell where it belongs.'
      Then I immediately begin to meditate or say aloud (whisper if in public) my favorite Bible passage.

      So we're looking at a process in which you:

      1. Identify the negativity:
      Ex; this is going to be a shitty day, the world sucks. I'm so tired of everything. I don't have what it takes to make it, I am awkward and people don't like me.I can't seem to get anything right, I'm a hopeless basket case, just look at how heavy you are, doesn't it make you sick? You are worthless.. and on and on. I must point out that every human being, to a greater or lesser form, suffers from some kind of neurosis. In some of our cases however, especially where weight and health are concerned, the negative thinking can often be even greater and more destructive.

      2. Isolate the thought as NOT your own
      : Most people own the negativity because they believe it came from them and that it speaks the truth about who they are and what their lives are worth. But what if it was all lies? What if there was a third invisible party depositing garbage into your mind and then trying to deceive you so you thought it was all you?

      Today, I reject and Isolate every thought that is negative, fearful, bitter, angry etc... Instead,
      I place the focus of my mind and lips exclusively on what is positive.

      3. Reject the negativity and replace it with The Word of God;
      Instead of walking around all day thinking "I am so afraid. I'm just not going to make it." Say to yourself instead: "God has not given me a Spirit of fear, but a spirit of Power, Love and a Sound Mind." 2 Timothy 1-7 "Greater is He that is in me, than He that is in the World." 1 John: 4;4 "In ALL things I am MORE than a Conqueror Through Jesus Christ Who Loves me." Romans 8 31;39

      Instead of walking around thinking negative or nonsense, I take each idle moment to focus strictly on God's Word and repeat it over and over, meditate on it, ask myself questions about its meaning... I totally scrutinize and chew on it a thousand times. The point is that it keeps me plugged into the correct 'source of power.'

      Likewise, I cannot walk around imagining terrible things happening in my life. I went through a period of time where I fell into fear of losing book royalties. I started to see my numbers go down. In other words, I went around 'seeing' myself failing. This went on for weeks, and guess what happened? Yes, book royalties did go down and I found myself in a pickle.

      Once I realized the gross mistake that I had made, I asked God to please forgive my ignorance and to have mercy on me. From that day, I refuse to waver to the right or to the left. I am constantly seeing myself accomplishing my dreams.

      I see myself healthy, I see myself prosperous and able to help many others, I see myself traveling, I see myself in speaking engagements, I see my mother's new house that I want to buy her, I see all of my debts cancelled. I see myself getting stronger, younger and more handsome each day... I see my body being regenerated, healed and empowered each day by the fire of The Lord.

      It has become a lifestyle. Anyways, I mention all of this to answer your initial question: "How do I tap into that power?" If you want to tap into that power, learn the laws that govern His realm, practice them and God will become more and more real to you each day. Believe it or not, God is always speaking to us - constantly. The problem is that we have not learned how to hear him because of all of the clutter in our minds and souls. Put that together with the noise of the outside world, and it's no wonder God seems so silent. But I honestly believe that HE IS speaking, and louder than ever before!

      1.Write a list of all of the negative statements that come out of your mouth
      2.Note what type of emotions these thoughts bring out
      3.Make a commitment to stop the thought(s) in its/their track when they come
      4.When they do come, reject them. I say, "In the Name of Jesus you, negative thought or spirit of fear, I rebuke you, bind you and toss you in the abyss where you belong.
      5. Then you immediately start reading soothing and powerful bible verses to yourself.

      The bottom line is that if we have a hard time 'tapping' into God, nine times out of ten it means the person is being deceived in some way. The deception can be slight or it can be large. So the very first thing to do to 'tap' into God's power is to ask God to open the eyes of your understanding so that you can begin to clearly see the lies while at the same time replacing them with comforting Scriptural verses.

      If you go to a foreign country, it is well that you learn their customs, traffic laws and get a general idea of how things work, right.

      The SAME thing is with the spirit world, When we enter with even the slightest awareness of how it woks, the benefits double and even quadruple.

      I hope at least some of this makes sense. LOL


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        Rob,Thank you for offering a clear and precise answer. You are very good at using words to illustrate truth! It is so true that sometimes there is so much noise that His still small voice is drowned out......currently enjoying an extended fast, and with the quietness, His voice and His Word are penetrating my heart soul and mind in amazing ways. it is true that "Some things are only cast out through fasting and prayer. Thankyou for creating this forum to find fellowship. Hat off to you my friend!