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  • My Spiritual Fasting Experience

    Hi Everyone

    I think this site is fantastic and what a great place for fasters to help each other through what sometimes can be a struggle!

    I just wanted to share my recent experience in spiritual fasting which totally blew me away.

    I started a water fast coupled with consistent prayer on the 10th of October last year for a total of 21 days. I was praying for a new direction for my career as i have been looking for a new opportunity for some time! Not only does fasting cleanse you completely and obviously lead to weight loss but I really believe that fasting not only brings you very close to God and builds and strengthens (or sometimes even begins) your relationship with Him, but He also hears and answers your prayers a lot quicker! His favour is unleashed on your life in many areas, and usually for the year after your finish the fasting period. You become heightened to the voice of the Holy Spirit and really have some tremendous breakthroughs spiritually that other wise probably wouldn't happen.

    I read a number of books and also studied Rob's website intensely for some time before starting and i must admit not only did i loose close to 50 pounds in 21 days but the lord answered my prayer in leading me to my destiny in providing a new business opportunity in my life, and this came about at the end of the fast almost immediately. Praise God!

    What ever the issue is your life that is most important or the area that you require a breakthrough in i highly recommend fasting coupled with consistent prayer everyday for this miracle or breakthroughs to occur! I have heard of people fasting for relatives that are sick or unwell and miraculous cures have occured, i have heard of people in serious financial trouble praying for a breakthrough to their finances and miraculous supernatural things have happened as a result of a fast. What ever your specific need or circumstance, i am positive that fasting supercharges your prayers and catapults them straight into Gods lap and i believe it shows a reverence and respect that he acknowledges and rewards!

    I have suffered from food addiction for some time prior to starting these fasts and i guess the demonic influence is still present but it is slowly being erradicated i feel! I don't have the same level of obsession with food any longer. On top of this I was a smoker for 10 years a packet a day and i broke this strong hold in my life also whilst fasting. I think fasting is a tremendous tool to break any addiction in ones life.

    I have found Prayer time whilst fasting to really help subside the mental attacks that i experienced some what spiratically. It seemed to calm me and i really felt the presence of god with me. I never thought i would of been able to go for 21 days in the beginning and there were a number of times that i thought it would end, but when i turned it over to God in prayer i found that this peace would calm me completely. I also found that i had more time to focus on the word of god and really understand scripture more as you are not caught up in your usual daily routine.

    I plan to start another fast shortly to try and loose a further 35 pounds to get to my goal weight. I am certain that fasting is the best way both spiritually and mentally and physically to restore ones eating habits and also heighten and spark a fabulously rewarding relationship with our heavenly father. It sure has helped me enormously and I plan to continue to fast on and off for the rest of my life!

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    Thank you For The Powerful Spiritual Fasting Testimony!

    Wow Jon... thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey with spiritual fasting.

    I am so glad that you took the time to give us such a powerful and inspirational testimony. Let me tell you, this is a theme that needs to be shouted from the rooftops. In the area of weight loss and nutrition, there is a lot of information about diet and fitness, too little on the role of God in the way that we eat.

    I have found that my strength alone is insufficient too overcome food addiction, binging and/or just poor eating habits. Spiritual intervention is the key to success. And you can benefit from the power of spiritual fasting even if you do not have a specific religious belief, or any at all. All that is needed is the willingness to believe that "maybe" there is "something out there," something "greater than yourself."

    If one is able to just crack the door of faith ever so slightly, that is enough for the Grace and Power of God to enter. I say this because many people who struggle with binging, food addiction and/or obesity often feel unworthy of being loved and feel that "no God (or person for that matter) would want them or help them." Many feel hopeless and doomed to a life of obesity, sickness and/or limitation. But that does NOT have to be. The mind may bombard you will all types of negativity.

    Those are all lies from hell and not true at all. No matter what your state may be. No matter how overweight you may be right now and how much you have struggled with your weight, health or any area of life - spiritual fasting can tear down the gates and shatter the chains.

    And I don't say any of this because "I saw a movie or read a book." I have lived it in my life and know for an absolute fact that it works. And, Jonathon, you WILL reach your goal. I have no doubt. As long as we are persistent and have the humility to learn from our mistakes, there is really nothing that can stop us. Spend as much time in prayer as possible while fasting. Start a fasting journal and write on it as often as possible. Share your struggles and victories with us here.

    One day, one moment at a time, you will inch closer to your goal. And once you do, you will realize that the challenge has been used by God to shape you into a much stronger, sharper and vibrant human being.

    A human being that can be of service to humanity and make a difference in the lives of those who still suffer. That, to me, is the what it's all about. It is the HIGHEST of all callings! Keep us posted Jon! God bless you brother, and thank you soooo much for taking the time to write!


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      Dip Your Toe In the Water and See What Happens !

      Hi Rob

      Thank you ever so much for your encouraging words and support! I'm starting another fast tomorrow so i look forward to sharing each days progress on this forum!

      I wanted to share with everyone out there that for 27 of my 28 years here of earth i lived my life without God. I was totally ignorant to the word of God. I used to laugh and actually make fun of people that believed, but I now realise I was the fool! The last year and a half of my life has been by far the best!

      My first ever girlfriend when I was 18 came from a beautiful Christian family and she gave me 5 books of Christianity as a present. They sat in a box in my wardrobe for like 7years untouched and then one day I was actually watching Christian TV for some reason and I was moved quite considerably by one of the programs and I had this strange urge to find these books. I picked up a book written by Rick Warren called "A Purpose Driven Life" - What on Earth am I Here For, which i read cover to cover that night.

      I couldn't put it down, and at this time I was not a big reader! I prayed the prayer of salvation, not knowing what was going to happen at all and the journey since then has been miraculous in every way! I could almost write a book on the journey itself! God works in mysterious ways, and I know Simone came into my life for a reason, simply to give me those books at the very least! I just want to encourage EVERYONE out there to maybe just dip your toe in the water, and see where God will take you! He is crying out to have a relationship with each and every one of us!

      I suppose the thing that built my faith in the initial stages was answered prayer.

      I always used to think you couldn't ask God for anything that you wanted or needed in your life. I was ignorant totally, the bible clearly states the total opposite, but i didn't know that at the time. In the beginning of my journey I would pray at night and the next morning a lo of my prayers would be granted! It absolutely used to freak me out but at the same time it was this that just sparked my genuine level of interest in exploring further. I think he really takes great notice to new believers!

      I remember praying overlooking the river one night just gazing up into the stars when i was a new believer. I said God I do believe in you whole heartedly, but I was wondering if you could give me a sign that you really do exist! I said I don't want you to think I'm testing you as i look at all of creation and all it's intricacies and i cannot deny that i believe in a creator but if you can really hear me talking to you now, could you please send me a shooting star in front of my eyes, between now and the time i finish this prayer.

      It just would help me build my faith! I then started to thank him for everything for loved ones and different things in my life but mid sentence within like 8-10 seconds, a shooting star flew over directly infront of where i was looking up. Tears came to my eyes immediately. This experience was only one of the mind blowing experiences i have had on my journey but it will always be very special to me as it was the first major one which catapulted my faith without any doubts!

      I share this little story as i hope this encourages someone to explore the path further, as I too agree that the theme as you say,or the power of GOD should be SHOUTED FROM THE ROOFTOPS! People are deceived by the enemy in so many areas of their lives and it really saddens me now that i understand it. I know the way i used to be, and now having a renewed mind I find myself just wanting to share my experience with others and help them find God.

      Once you find him, life is so sweet!

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        Hello, thanks for sharing your Spiritual Fasting Experience, I grew up and studied in an exclusive catholic school from my elementary to tertiary level, it was a private school whom the teaching about spiritual are really prioritize, about God and everything. My family was catholic, they taught me on how to pray, and be a God fearing person. Spiritual fasting really works, its hard to explain but its really a great thing to experience.


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          Hi jordansmit

          Im intrigued to hear more about your spiritual fasting experience/s.

          How many times have you fasted before and for what reason/s. Also have you had any major breakthrough's or answered prayers that stick in your mind as a result from fasting?? What brings you to the forum? Are you fasting at the moment?

          I am about to start another water fast tomorrow morning. Im aiming for 28 days. I have been battling with getting past day5-6 in the past, this time I am determined to withstand all temptation and nail it once and for all!

          Hope to hear from you again.