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  • Fasting and Metamucil


    I am only 2 days into my fast I do not have a length goal I will stop when my body lets me know I should or if I lose my motivation. I would like to give me stomach a bit of something, and when I drink metamucil my hunger pangs usually pass. I was wondering if my body would stop feeding off of my stored fatty acids if I took this Metamucil. I am fasting firstly to lose weight and secondly to reduce my anxiety I use to do every other day fasts to subside them and it seem to really help. I would like to drop weight so I could continue my new passion and do some competitive road bike races this summer. I have very informed on issues with the body and general health, but I would like to be pointed in the right direction on the issue of Metamucil.



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    Re: Fasting and Metamucil

    Hi... I would be interested in knowing the same thing. I was planning on having a serving of Metamucil every evening, but would like to know if that would hinder weight loss at all (which is the main reason I am doing this).



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