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Thread: Is there a way to speed up ketosis & about body fat

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    Is there a way to speed up ketosis & about body fat

    Hi all, I once read a threat where one guy started a water fast in the evening and on the next day did excercise to deplete the glycogen from te liver and actullay make the body go into full ketosis in 48 hours instead of 72 ( for men), do you think it would actualy work?, being in ketosis will start maximum healing, provide energy and mitigate the hunger

    Also my body fat is about 8-9%, 10% in the worst, If your not fat could you still do at least a 7 days fast or there is no point. I'm definatly not over-weight and want to do this for detoxification and health reasons only not because I want to lwoer my weight!

    thanks in advanced.

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    You don't need to lose any more body fat.

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